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<em>Agriculture Loans - we know agriculture</em> <em>A vehicle - a farmers useful means</em> <em>Rain - a common dependency</em> <em>Bappu's Aandolan - united for a cause</em>
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Basic Documents to be obtained for loans & advances

  1. Address proof of borrower & guarantor with photos.
  2. Financial statement / salary slip / 7/12 extract / property extract etc of borrower and guarantors.
  3. Pan card / I.T. Returns etc Xerox.
  4. Premissory note, application form , agreement deed, Guarantors deed, duly completed.


Advances against Hypothication of stock

  1. Financial statement of borrower unit
  2. Partnership deed or proprietors declaration
  3. Monthly stock statement
  4. Insurance cover note
  5. Stock verification report
  6. Current rate valuation of stock


Vehicles / Articles

  1. Purchase stamped receipt
  2. Quotation
  3. R.C., Tax book
  4. R.T.O.TTO form duly completed
  5. Insurance cover note
  6. Credit worthynersrecord of borrower and guarantor
  7. Duplicate keys of vehicle
  8. Valuation certificate for second hand vehicle


Pigmy Deposits

  1. Basic document duly signed by borrower.
  2. Counter part record of deposited receipts.
  3. Sanctioned limit record of drawals.


Documents reqired for opening of an Account

  1. Address proof (photo I.D.).
  2. Introducers indorcement.
  3. Pan card zerox.
  4. Specimen card with signature of B.M & Account holder.



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